Update from Boulder Nordic Sports (Nov)

Ski season is upon us and so are massive shortages as most of you know. I have attached an updated team price sheet for BNS East. All orders must be done through emailing roger (at) bouldernordic (dot) com or calling 207-541-7438
Wax is trickling in, we have a fair amount now and expect more in a few weeks. We do accept school PO’s and can provide payable online invoices for your convenience. 
Equipment is trickier. Boots are tough. We have a whole bunch of Combi boots arriving in approximately 3 weeks. We have an ok selection of classic boots now with more arriving daily. Skate boots are lean, but we will have more in three weeks. 
We have an incredible stock of all skate skis right now including Fischer RCS that just arrived. Classic is a bit tougher, but we have a complete stock of all sizes and flexes of RCS skis. We especially have some of the shorter sizes and flexes in stock. 
We are very lucky to have a great selection of our hand picked skis, Fischer Speedmax for both skate and classic and Rossignol Premium for skate. 
Poles will be completely in stock next week. For now we have all our Swix poles. One Way arrives next week. 
The ski industry supply chain seems to be more broken than other industries at this time. I have never seen companies completely sold out of all equipment in October before, but here we are. I cannot stress to you enough to get your teams on equipment earlier rather than later. It likely will be all gone later. 
Please reach out if we can be of assistance. Thank you. 

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