Races at Pineland Farms

If you haven’t been to a race at Pineland before, it can be a bit confusing where to go.  The Outdoor Center?  Nope. The Farm?  Not there either.  Although ski trails do start in both those places, all of the races take place on the Oak Hill on the opposite side of Intervale Road.

TO WATCH: Use 1370 Intervale Road, New Gloucester to get you close to the race location (the entrance to the course is diagonally across the street from the skating pond). However, the small parking lot at the pond will not have spaces available.

TO PARK: Try the lot on Allen Road just past the Pineland garden that is on the corner of Allen/Intervale/Morse.  If that’s closed, park near the Conference Center building visible from Intervale Road.

Please see the attached map for more specific information about parking options and exact race location.  And always feel free to reach out to one of us with any questions!

pineland race map

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