Meet Our Asst. Coaches: Maggie Bassow and Anya Caldwell Bean

We are delighted that Maggie Bassow is returning as an Assistant Coach for the 2019-20 Season. Welcome back, Maggie!

Maggie-MugI have been teaching Nordic skiing for about 8 years, I was assistant director for the Telluride Nordic Association and have taught/assisted in teaching many clinics… and have attended many cross-country trainings myself!  I am currently a level one instructor but have already attended several level two trainings.  I’m happy the sport is so popular in New England, which was part of my motivation for relocating here last year!  I am also a Yoga instructor and am really looking forward to continuing to work with kids/young adults!  

And we feel incredibly lucky that Anya Caldwell Bean will also be joining us as an Assistant Coach this season.  Welcome, Anya!

IMG_8289 (1)I am psyched help get y’all fired up to ski, work hard, and have fun! I am currently in the accelerated nursing program at the University of New England and spending as much time outside surfing and chasing powder as I can. I ski raced for the University of New Hampshire and have been living in Montana since then. I coached an amazing group of high schoolers for four years while living there and am excited to jump in with the Capeflete crew this winter!

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