Meet Our Asst. Coaches: Maggie Bassow and Anya Caldwell Bean

We are delighted that Maggie Bassow is returning as an Assistant Coach for the 2019-20 Season. Welcome back, Maggie!

Maggie-MugI have been teaching Nordic skiing for about 8 years, I was assistant director for the Telluride Nordic Association and have taught/assisted in teaching many clinics… and have attended many cross-country trainings myself!  I am currently a level one instructor but have already attended several level two trainings.  I’m happy the sport is so popular in New England, which was part of my motivation for relocating here last year!  I am also a Yoga instructor and am really looking forward to continuing to work with kids/young adults!  

And we feel incredibly lucky that Anya Caldwell Bean will also be joining us as an Assistant Coach this season.  Welcome, Anya!

IMG_8289 (1)I am psyched help get y’all fired up to ski, work hard, and have fun! I am currently in the accelerated nursing program at the University of New England and spending as much time outside surfing and chasing powder as I can. I ski raced for the University of New Hampshire and have been living in Montana since then. I coached an amazing group of high schoolers for four years while living there and am excited to jump in with the Capeflete crew this winter!

Some Thoughts on Equipment via Boulder Nordic Sport

Since ski sale season has started we have seen 10 or so pairs of skis that have come in that families bought that have some issues. First and foremost, the price tags are on and they were sold at RETAIL pricing at the ski sale. That means they were significantly more than what team pricing would be. It seems that people are just assuming they are getting a deal because they are buying at a ski sale. I don’t want to point out what retailer is doing this, because they are normally great people, but this is a sham. In addition the equipment is not fitted correctly. So these poor families were trying to save some money and do the right thing, and instead they paid more than they had to if they had just shopped locally, and got equipment that doesn’t fit.

Those of you who know us at BNS know that we understand financial constraints and we are always willing to help with skiers and not make any money, we are about the sport. We attempt to go above and beyond to help new families and families who might be struggling, but the one thing we simply cannot take is people paying more than they need to for things that do not fit. The skiers will have a miserable time trying to make their equipment work, which often times can lead to frustration and even giving up the sport. Please help us by letting your parent group know this is going on.

As always we do ask if you would mention to your groups about BNS East and what we have to offer. We know that so many of you do and we greatly appreciate it. Here is a reminder of what we do offer:

  1. Competitive team pricing year round by a knowledgeable staff that lives and breaths skiing. We offer the best pricing and the best service.
  2. You get fit by a skiing professional here. Sales Reps form manufacturers don’t know skis! We cannot stress this enough, they are sales representatives and do NOT know how to fit skis correctly because this simply isn’t their job. Their job is to sell to retailers, not get involved in team nights and fitting equipment. Trust me when I say that all of you as coaches know much more about how to fit a skier to equipment than any sales rep from Fischer, Salomon, Rossignol, Madshus or Swix. Make sure that your athletes get the right equipment to enjoy the sport.
  3. Team hotboxes where we donate the money back to the club. Each of your teams have the opportunity to schedule a community hotbox here that you promote and BNS East will donate the proceeds back to your clubs in the form of a gift card. This will allow the team to buy anything they need from BNS. Get in touch about scheduling one for your program today by emailing
  4. Free wax clinics for your team. We offer free wax clinics for your team and parents at a place of your choosing, just let us know when you want to do it!
  5. A lifeline for all of you coaches at any time for any help with wax/equipment/anything ski related you want. We are here for you 24/7, literally.
  6. If you have families who need help with payment plans or affording equipment, please come talk to us and we will figure something out. We do not want people to miss out on the sport we love because of financial reasons.
  7. Coach pricing on all things in the shop. If you have needs please let us know for very special deals. We know that none of you are doing this for the money and we want to take care of you and your families.
  8. The largest selection of equipment in ALL price ranges to make sure you get the correct fit. We are the largest race equipment and skin ski dealer in the East. That means we have lots to pick from and the ability to get athletes on the exact correct equipment. No one else in the East even carries half of the inventory we do.

Thank you very much for your business. You allow us to do what we love and we greatly appreciate it.