Rollerskis, Summer & Beyond

Hi Nordic Ski Squad,

School is (basically) over, congrats on a great year! Now it’s time for summer and some pavement shredding. I have many pairs of rollerskis, if you would like to borrow a pair for the summer, please let me know ASAP and come find me tomorrow or Wednesday (I will be here Thursday and Friday too if that’s a better time for you to pick them up).

Rollerski Yellow + FerrulesDon’t forget, when rollerskiing, make sure you have Boulder Nordic Sport change your pole tips to “road tips” (aka ferrules). These do not have baskets and are much sturdier for use on pavement. You can save your “snow tips” and swap them back in the winter. And please, please, please be safe if you go rollerskiing!

Choose low-traffic roads and wear reflective clothing, and don’t go at dusk/dawn when it is hard for drivers to see you.

I know some of you are doing training camps and working with coaches this summer—that’s awesome and I’m looking forward to hearing how it all goes! If you are not, don’t worry a bit. Just try your best to stay in shape however makes you happy. Jogging, hiking, long walks on the beach, these are all good options. I don’t really know what the rules are about talking to your coach over the summer, but I’ll be available via email and will try my best not to break any rules with any advice I may give!

I’m sure you are all 100% focused on summer and sunshine and swimming, but take a minute to aim 1% of that focus toward next winter. Skiing in many ways is a year-round sport, so I hope you take some moments this summer to do a little exercising and to think about your gear and ways you can find success next year. I’m really looking forward to coaching you all—it is going to be a great season! We will have a meeting in the fall to get excited.

Have an awesome summer, and please forward this info to anyone else who might be interested in joining the team! I think there are a few 8th graders coming up, and I hope there are some other Upper School students interested too.