Staying Safe at Cold Races

Hello, Nordic Families –

Our coaches and kids are handling the typically adverse nordic conditions with their usual aplomb. If you are a first-year Nordic parent, let us assure you that this is all quite normal. Southern Maine has unreliable snow so we have to make the best of what we’ve got.

Speaking of Never Knowing What To Expect, Saturday’s meet* WILL BE FRIGID. It will certainly be the coldest day this winter so far, with temps in the single digits in the morning.

The Hornet Classic at Leavitt Area High School, in Turner, Maine, 7:00 AM bus, 10:30AM start for boys, 12:00 start for girls

There are some important things that you and your child need to do to ensure you and your child’s safety:

1 THERMOSES: If you haven’t already, purchase multiple, high-quality, thermoses. You can buy these for less at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Many thermoses strongly recommend pouring hot water in them first for five minutes, dumping the hot water, and then filling with Mac and cheese, chili, etc., so that the food stays hot longer.

2 HOT DRINKS: Fill one of them with tea or hot chocolate, another with chili or soup. Don’t forget about taking care of your needs as well.

3 INSULATED BAG: Also, if possible, purchase an insulated bag that your child can put the thermoses in, in addition to a sandwich or two, some pieces of fruit, some energy bars, water, etc..  My first season as a Nordic parent, I just sent sandwiches with my kids to their first meet, thinking that was good enough. The sandwiches froze. My children couldn’t eat them. Sad!

4 HAND/TOE WARMERS: Hand warmers and toe warmers. Multiple. For your skier and you. Most kids won’t actually ski with them but will need them before and after. You will need them for sure. BJs has the best prices (you can also buy thermoses there, I’m pretty sure.)

5 WARM UNDERWEAR: For the boys, Magic Underwear. A Nordic parent suggested I get some for my son. Apparently, on the coldest of days, these can make a huge difference. BNS has them and EMS very well may also have an equivalent. We ordered ours online and received within 48 hours. Note sizing recommendations.

6 LAYERS: YOU CAN NEVER SEND/BRING TOO MANY LAYERS. I grab a big tote bag and fill it up with pretty much everything I own. Oh! And the same for my kids.

7) BUS: We will have a bus, which the kids can access, and the school is there, too. However, the kids will be spending the majority of the day outside. As we all know, as long as one is warm, any conditions are tolerable.

Please, please, please help your children prepare for the conditions. This is one of those times where you DON’T want to let them figure it out for themselves, especially our new/young skiers.