OPTIONAL Team Jackets

Your skier has just received an email from Nicholas Werner and Emily Wagg about whether they would be interested in purchasing a Team Jacket.  If you could ask them to reply this weekend if at all possible it would be really helpful.  These jackets are 100% optional and are intended to build team unity and raise the team profile.

After talking to a number of companies and other teams, the jacket that they selected is the Feather Pack 800 (MEN and WOMEN) in Black from EMS.  Because it is the 2017 model, the jacket is steeply discounted — but there are limited quantities.  Normally $250+ without the team logo, with the discounts, an EMS Team Discount, and support from Ross, our jackets will cost between $100-$110 each depending on what LT’s Inc. tells us about the cost of customization.

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