Summer Training Overview (via Coach Wyatt)

Looking forward to next season: if you’re looking for the best way to improve at skiing from year to year, it is without a question getting on rollerskis, and the more you can do it, the better.

If you’re willing to purchase rollerskis, that’s the best as then you don’t have to worry about sharing; I currently have only one pair. I recommend the 940C from Jenex, it’s a combi rollerski so you can skate and classic with it.
You’ll need to buy bindings to have mounted to them as well as road ferules for your poles. BNS can help you out with mounting bindings and transitioning your poles to be ready for the road. You can buy the skis directly from Jenex as well or at BNS… they may have a sale coming up this Spring so keep an eye out.

Contact me if you’re interested in borrowing the rollerskis that I do have.

When rollerskiing, ALWAYS wear a helmet and reflective vest/clothing.

I’ll be running some Sunday nordic sessions this Summer for those interested, look for communications about those to come out through Emily and/or Nicholas closer to the time.

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